Who We Are?

Virgin Creatives


Virgin Creatives is the first and the only one hundred percent Broad-Based Black Economically Empowered rotational plastics moulding company in the Southern Africa region. Our focus is to tap into the plastics manufacturing sector, through innovative engagement, create durable and quality products that are unique and those that hold a massive demand by end-users.
We will execute this need by adhering to global sector specific standards and’s forge local and international partnerships that respect and endorse fair business practices. At the core of our existence, quality products and excellent customer service is a “must”. Our vision is to make Virgin Creatives an internationally known plastics moulding brand with an extensive polymers market; recycle and manufacture robust plastic.
The motto is; “if we can make them last forever, why not?”


Virgin Creatives standards partners are considered industry leaders and add benefit to the local and international rotational moulding community. Virgin Creatives corporate partners are focused on communicating with our innovation team and looking to improve business and brand opportunities. Our endorsed product partners have been approved in consultation with appointed plastics manufacturing entities to ensure we deliver the best quality products for both members and consumers.
Virgin Creatives partners have strong alignments within the plastics manufacturing profession. Their presence in our existence offer our targeted clients and end-users with the much desired peace of mind and trust in the quality of our brand.
Our products aesthetic and functional designs stand out from the crowd! Our partners only endorse the BEST products in their respective sectors and professions. Virgin Creatives supports end-user physical and financial health and sense – our partners’ endorsements assures customers that our products are the very best for their use, something we care the most about!
When Virgin Creatives aligns with a corporate partner, we are looking for a national-to-international presence and the ability to service our membership from a product or service perspective. It also provides an opportunity for the company to support Virgin Creatives events or advertising channels and participate in a member offer or discount program. All corporate partnerships receive a benefits package and attract a level of commercial investment.
Products that are considered for APA endorsement go through a rigorous process to ensure they are worthy of having our professional endorsement. This gives consumers the confidence to purchase a product knowing it has been fully evaluated and endorsed by an APA appointed physiotherapist.


Many of our key markets are local and offshore based, consisting of different drivers behind them. the challenge is always to develop products and technology that are forward looking in terms of quality, materials, safety and intelligence.

Our Vision

To be a global in smart and integrated roto moulded plastic product, building on our technology platform people and local heritage.

Our Mission

Help solve the needs of our customers by being forward looking. Develop and deliver smart and integrated products and solutions based on our capabilities and technology within our technology platform and key capabilities.

Our Values

- Proud - Of our work, the company and of each other
- Solution oriented – Find solution where others may not
- Engaged – Always willing to walk the extra mile
- Creative – Strive to think differently
- Competent – Aim to be the best in our field
- Willing to change – Focus on continuous improvement


1. Business Strategy

Virgin Creatives’ strategy is to serve niche markets of the plastic industry. There are many untapped potential markets in South Africa, the African continent and the world that desire high-quality goods, but do not know where to source them from. Through our ability to customise and produce different shapes, colours and size of any virgin plastic molded ware; Virgin Creatives’ marketing strategy will alleviate this problem.
We only use premium-grade virgin polyethylene to manufacture our product range. The powder used for manufacturing these products is locally manufactured by South Africa’s largest Manufacturer and Supplier of Colour Compounded Roto-Moulding Powders in the Southern African region and overseas countries. The manufacturer is a member of ARMSA (Association of Roto-Moulders Southern Africa) and ARMO (Association of Roto-Moulders Organisation) which is the World Roto-Moulding Organisation.
Virgin polyethylene has not been processed before and is free from contaminates and impurities. By using this superior product it gives us, Virgin Creatives, complete control over the quality of the items we manufacture. Recycled plastic can contain contaminating substances such as dirt and oils which have been accumulated in its former product life cycle. These pollutants can result in weaker mechanical properties and inconsistency in the quality of the polyethylene. Virgin polyethylene is more durable, has greater stress resistance and gives Virgin Creatives complete control over the quality of products we produce.
Throughout the world virgin materials that are Rotomoulded from (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) LLDPE which can be UV Stabilised from four (4) years up to as long as twenty (20) years in certain cases. This is the standard we unequivocally have adopted in ensuring that we continue with the manufacturing and supply of excellent quality and interminably durable plastic products to our clients. These LLDPE Roto-Moulding Powders conform to World Standards regarding FDA and Portable Water regulations.
All base Polymers are sourced from Sasol Polymers which is a World recognised Polymer and Chemicals Manufacturer with operations all over the globe. The Base Polymers are sourced from Sasol Polymers and conform to similar grades produced by Exxon, Total Chem, Dow, Formosa and many other Polymer Producers around the world.


The following facts of Virgin Creatives ensure our financial success:
1. Unique services, unmatched in both quality and presentation
2. Low operating overhead
3. Beneficial word-of-mouth advertising
4. A healthy, versatile plastic product which is suitable and customised for different communities and their surroundings
5. Bringing the new facility to maximum production within three years of operation
6. Increasing our profit margin with the use of improved technology in the new facility.

1. Surviving harsh climates

Products built by Virgin Creatives survive some of the harshest conditions known. The mandatory standard of subjecting all our product range to laboratory testing ensures that our range of products is built to withstand extreme elements of icing, gravel, cyclonic winds, salt-spray, prolonged UV exposure and tropical humidity. The Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) compounds used to manufacture our products are especially developed to survive harsh environments and destructive effects of the sun’s ultra violet rays. By using UV-stabilised polyethylene, our product range is given additional protection from the long-term degradation effects of UV exposure. Rotational moulding of polyethylene allows Virgin Creatives o manufacture complex shapes which are moulded in one piece making a robust product with excellent impact strength. In the unlikely event of damage the product can be easily repaired.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Virgin plastic products require minimal maintenance. These plastic types never require painting because they are manufactured using coloured pigments which permeate all of the way through the plastic.

3. Eco-friendly

The increasing awareness of the need to protect our environment for future generations has led to more and more consumers demanding environmentally friendly products. Innovations and advances in technology used by the plastics industry are helping Virgin Creatives to contribute to a more sustainable world. Many pigments used in the production of other polyethylene products are made from heavy metals such Lead, Cadmium and Chromium which, even in small concentrations, are toxic to humans and the environment. There have even been links between heavy metals and a range of health issues such as cancer, kidney disease and learning disabilities. Even though there are no regulations in place restricting the use of heavy metals in pigments, Virgin Creatives has made a decision to only use polyethylene which is heavy metal free and contains absolutely no toxic chemicals. By making this choice, Virgin Creatives is making a difference and contributing to a safer environment by reducing the risk of air and water pollution throughout the roto-moulding process At the end of their working life products that contain heavy metals cannot be recycled and, even if there are only traces of toxic heavy metals, the used product cannot be burnt for heat recovery, reprocessed or even buried. Virgin Creatives products are made from recyclable materials and it is recommended that they be recycled at the end of their working life.