Virgin Creative
Vuyo H Mthembu (CEO)
Vuyo has qualifications and experience in project management, people management, risk and trend analysis backgrounds. He has over fifteen years of work experience that varies from the private, public and non-profit sectors at middle and senior levels. He further owned his private business and served on the board of directors for various NGO’s. This background has made him an all-round business partner and well suited to carry the business to the next level.
Thabo J, Modau (MD)
Thabo has rich background and experience in the marketing and promotions field. He is a seasoned businessman who has for over fifteen years worked his way from solely run entities to medium sized partnered enterprises. His hands-on approach continues to immensely assist in understanding the full circle of the business and promote wellness in all the levels of the business. He has managed to turn small businesses into enterprises that are well recognised and create employment for more than projected targets. His inspiration and zest for success promotes positive energy and desire to succeed in the team.
Mohau S Selai
Mohau is a qualified Information Technology support and business consultant focusing in new business development, sales and marketing. Mohau is responsible for the overall corporate imaging of Virgin Creatives and the brand in its entirety, this includes Marketing, Sales and end-to-end client life cycle management.